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USA order information
USA basic terms

- Pay with Paypal or a Postal Money Order
- $5.00 flat rate postage for any size order box

USA ordering is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Browse the site; email your order list and receive a prompt reply with stock status/total
2. Approve, adjust or pass. Make payment when you approve/finalize
3. The order is mailed within 48 hours, usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

USA terms in detail
A. General Info
B. Paypal
C. Credit Card
D. Postal Money Order
E. Trade Stuff In
F. Contact Info

A. General Information For USA Residents
(Applicable To All Orders Within the USA)

- All communication by email only.

- Reserve orders by email prior to making payment.

- We do no backorders or special orders. We only sell in-stock items.

- Sentinel Steel accepts
Paypal and Postal Money Orders.

- Credit card payments are accepted through Paypal only.

- Checks are not accepted.

- Cash payments are not accepted.

- Massachusetts residents will have 6.25% sales tax added to their order total.

- Postage is a flat $5.00 for any size order box within the USA.

- We will be happy to hold your paid order so you can add more items and save on combined shipping.

- We use USPS (US Mail) exclusively.

- Small parcels (13 ounces or less) are mailed via First Class (delivery in 2 to 4 days)

- Other parcels are mailed via Media Mail (delivery in 2 to 7 days, sometimes a little longer)

- All orders include online tracking.

- An upgrade to Priority Mail service is available for an additional cost, please inquire.

- All claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of order. A defective item is exchanged for the same item only.

- No returns due to style/quality of music or similar issues.

- A problem or question with an order? Please contact us immediately so we can assist you.

- Sentinel Steel does not sell bootlegs or any sort of unauthorized merchandise.

- Office and warehouse hours are normally 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We are closed most Saturdays and Sundays. Schedule changes, if any, are posted to the homepage and emailed to our customer list.

- Your personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) is never sold or traded.

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B. Payment By Paypal (www.paypal.com)

1. Please send us an email to check on and reserve the items you want. For best results, simply copy and paste text from our site.

2. We will reply promptly (but allow up to 24 hours) with a total.

3. How to pay with Paypal (takes about 30 seconds):

1) Log in to Paypal

2) Click "Send Money"

3a) Enter Sentinel Steel Paypal ID: metal@sentinelsteel.com (copy/paste)
3b) Enter amount of your order: $xx.xx
3c) Select "for": Business / Goods
3d) Click "Send Money" to enter "Review" page

4a) Enter "subject": order payment
4b) Enter "message": quantity of items confirmed by email
4c) Click "Send Money"

5) You and Sentinel Steel will instantly receive an email confirming payment has been made. Sentinel Steel will then send your order. All Paypal transactions are secure from both ends.

4. Only a "Confirmed" shipping address will be accepted on the Paypal form. A "Confirmed" address is the original address you provided to Paypal when you initially signed up (usually a home address). It is essentially your "billing" address. It is the default address in your Paypal account. Please do not use a work address or a third party address.

5. When making Paypal payment, be sure to select the "Instant" option; "eChecks" can take a week to clear.

6. Payment must be made as "Business/Goods" only.

7.  If you prefer, we can send you a Paypal Money Request or a Paypal Invoice Bill.

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C. Payment By Credit Card

1. All credit card orders are accepted through Paypal. Please see the Paypal section above for information.

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D. Payment By Postal Money Order

1. Customers must inquire about product availability (subject line: "stock status" or something similar) and make reservations by email. For best results, simply copy and paste text from our site.

2. We accept Postal Money Orders only. These can only be purchased from your local post office.

3. Once the order is confirmed by email, please send a Postal Money Order payable to:

Sentinel Steel Records
20 Jackson Ave
Peabody, MA  01960

4. Your full name, address, day and night time phone numbers and email address MUST be included with the payment.

5. A list of what is being ordered should also be included with the payment. A simple print-out of the email communications would be fine. The address and phone information can be included on the print-out. A handwritten list would also be fine.

6. USA orders awaiting a Postal Money Order payment are reserved for up to one week. Extensions may be granted, inquire.

7. We will email you on the day the Postal Money Order arrives.

8. Purchases paid for by Postal Money Order are processed and shipped out within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

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E. Trading in Compact Discs and DVDs For Credit

What we want:

-- Compact discs: all styles of hard rock and metal welcome. Other styles also considered.

-- We also welcome vinyl, tapes, shirts, magazines, books, collectibles, etc., related to hard rock and metal.

-- DVDs and Blu-Rays also wanted; all genres, from music to movies. Any region, PAL or NTSC, welcome.

-- Collectibles also wanted, from vintage toys to comic books and more.

Email us your lists!

To place an order with trade credit:

1. To confirm an order first, inquire about product availability (subject line: "stock check" or a similar phrase) and make order reservations by email. This can be done before or after you have your trade stuff priced by Sentinel Steel.

2. To receive trade credit prices for items, please email your list of trade stuff (subject line: "trade-in list" or a similar phrase) for a prompt reply. This can be done before or after you make your order reservations/inquiry. Some customers prefer to simply mail stuff in without a list in advance; that would be fine. But do email us a general idea of what you plan to mail in.

3. When emailing lists of any kind, please type it in your email window as a list (not paragraph) and include special pressing notes where needed. Examples:

Helloween Walls of Jericho + 5 bonus tracks CD (1991 Noise BMG USA, cutout)

Manilla Road Out of the Abyss TAPE (1988 Leviathan USA)

Riot Thundersteel LP (1988 CBS Japan, with obi strip; light cover wear)

...and so on. This way our trade credit offer will be more accurate. But as mentioned above, we understand creating lists can be a hassle, so we can accept your items without a detailed list. Just message us in advance before sending your stuff so we can approve.

4. Simple plain email text is preferred but spreadsheets are also welcome.

5. All items should be complete, in Very Good to Like New condition with only minor wear visible.

6. Once priced, review the credit prices offered and confirm by email what you wish to send to Sentinel Steel.

7. If your trade credit is less than the total of the order, you can pay the balance due with Paypal or a Postal Money Order. We will inform you on the order bill/receipt via email.

8. If your trade credit is more than the total of the order, the credit balance remaining will be saved for your next order and noted on your order receipt via email.
Note: some customers send in a large quantity of trade product at once (to save on shipping) and keep credit on file for purchases throughout the year. That's fine.

9. Cash payments are also available but usually at 50% of the trade credit value.

10. Be sure to use a strong box with plenty of cushion inside. Do not allow items to shift within the box. If you shake the box and hear rattling inside, add more packing material to the box. "Crunched" up newspaper works fine. Be sure to use A LOT of packing tape on the exterior of the box, especially around the openings and the bottom. This is VERY important.
Note: Do not allow anything to be "loose" within the CD jewel cases or DVD cases. Make sure the disc is firmly in its holder.

11. The cheapest mailing method is 'Media Mail' from your local post office. It takes about 2 to 7 days to arrive.

Note: do not use "Parcel Post" -- it is a rip off rate; almost as expensive as Priority Mail but at Media Mail speed. Avoid.

12. Your full name, address, day and night time phone numbers and email address must be included within the box.

13. A priced list of what is being traded in and a list of what is being ordered should also be included within the box. A simple print out of our email messages would be fine. If you do not have a printer, then just write your contact details on a piece of paper, insert it into the box, and we will print out the email list details on our end.

14. Mail to:

Sentinel Steel Records
20 Jackson Avenue
Peabody, MA  01960

15. An email message will be sent to you when the trade box is received and inspected. The order will be finalized from there.

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Sentinel Steel Records
20 Jackson Avenue
Peabody, MA  01960

contact Sentinel Steel:

Allow up to 24 hours for a reply (office hours: Monday - Friday, 11 - 7); usually you will receive a reply within a couple of hours, if not sooner.

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