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All items on this page are used and in excellent/like new condition unless noted
All used product is 100% guaranteed to play perfectly
All used CD cases are replaced with nice cases
All digipacks are stored in resealable CD sleeves
All items are priced as marked. Only 1 of each available.
NO CDRs, NO cardsleeve promos, NO bootlegs

Fully Updated October 11th, 2017

...AND OCEANS Morphogenesis (2001 Nocturnal Music) $6.99
ABOMINATION Curses of the Deadly Sin (12 tracks, Rockline) $8.99
ABORTION Truth Hurts (31 tracks, 2000 Copremesis Records Czech Republic, light disc wear) $6.99
ADIMIRON Burning Souls (2004 Karmageddon) $6.99
ADOKHSINY + MAKAM Hymns For Sacrificed Souls SPLIT CD (7 tracks, 2007 Infernal Kaos Productions) $6.99
AFFLICTION (TUR) Execution is Necessary (13 tracks, 2007 Poem, melodic death metal in the Swedish style) $8.99
AFFLICTION (TUR) One Reality (2003 Poem, light disc wear) $6.99
AFTER THE BURIAL Rareform 2nd EDITION AUTOGRAPHED (8 remixed/remastered tracks, 2009 Sumerian SUM-021, signed on cover and on disc, light disc edge wear) $8.99
AGARTHI At the Burning Horizon EP (4 tracks, Red Stream) $6.99
AGONIST THE Lullabies For the Dormant Mind (2009 Century Media USA) $6.99
ALL THAT REMAINS A War You Cannot Win (12 tracks, 2012 Razor & Tie USA) $4.99
ALL THAT REMAINS Overcome (11 tracks, 2008 Prosthetic Razor & Tie, light disc wear) $4.99
AMORPHIS Beginning of Times + 1 bonus (13 tracks, 2011 Nuclear Blast USA) $6.99
AMORPHIS Silent Waters + 1 bonus (11 tracks, 2007 Nuclear Blast USA, a few disc marks/scuffs) $4.99
AMORPHIS Skyforger + 1 bonus (11 tracks, 2009 Nuclear Blast USA, slightly hurt tray card spine edge) $6.99
AMORTIS Summoned By Astral Fire (2000 Last Episode) $6.99
ANACHRONAEON Ethereal Throne (2011 Stygian Crypt) $6.99
ANGST In Hoc Signo Vinces (2005 Black Attakk) $6.99
ANKLA Steep Trails DIGIPAK (12 tracks, 2006 Bieler Bros USA, disc marks/wear/fingerprints, light/moderate cover wear) $4.99
APOKRYPHA To The Seven (2004 Black Attack, melodic Euro death/black/thrash like old Immortal) $6.99
ARCHETYPE (MEX) Archetypic Curse EP (8 tracks, limited to 1000 units, Perro Jesus) $6.99
ARISE Reckoning (10 tracks, 2009 Regain, light disc wear) $6.99
ARKHON INFAUSTUS Orthodoxyn (2007 Osmose/Red Stream) $6.99
ARSENIC (USA) Seeds of Darkness (Baphomet/Red Stream) $6.99
ARSIS A Celebration of Guilt (Willowtip) $6.99
ARTEFACT Magic Spellcraft DIGI (9 tracks, 2006 Artefact) $6.99
ASCENDANCY (USA-MA) Rise of a Dead Empire (9 tracks, 2004 Ascendancy, some disc marks on outer edge) $6.99
ASGAIA Yersinia (2000 Silverbullet/Pangg, melodic death metal with keyboards; like Sirenia, Crematory, very light disc wear) $6.99
ATANAB Black Magic + video clips (10+ tracks, 2010 Might Hordes, minor disc wear) $6.99
ATANATOS Assault of Heathen Forces (1997 Last Epitaph) $6.99
ATANATOS Devastation The Third Attack (1999 Last Episode) $6.99
ATHRENODY Crazed Development (2007 625/To Live A Lie) $6.99
ATROCITY Blut (15 tracks, 1994 Massacre/Sonic Underground USA) $8.99
ATROCITY Cold Black Days CD SINGLE SLIM CASE (4+ tracks, 2004 Napalm Germany) $4.99
AUGURY Concealed + 2 bonus DIGI (12 tracks, 2010 Sonic Unyon Metal, barcode pen mark) $8.99 
AVVEN Kastalija DIGI (2011 Sazas) $8.99
AXAMENTA Codex barathri (LSP, Euro melodic death/black metal w/ fantasy, horror themes) $6.99
BAL-SAGOTH Chthonic Chronicles (2006 Nuclear Blast Germany, wavy tray card from humidity) $6.99
BARBARIAN WARRIORS IN SEARCH OF WISDOM Paganheart (9 tracks, 2006 Cinereus Nemus Production, light disc wear) $14.99
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE Dichotomy (2009 Solid State BMG Direct) $6.99
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE Terminate Damnation (11 tracks, 2005 Solid State, light disc wear) $4.99
BENUMB Withering Strands of Hope (32 tracks, 2000 Relapse) $6.99
BESTIALIT Fuckland + DEHYDRATED Burnt SPLIT CD (8 tracks, 1994 Metal Age) $6.99
BEYOND THE EMBRACE Insect Song (10 tracks, 2004 Metal Blade) $4.99
BIRDS OF PREY Sulfur & Semen (10 tracks, 2008 Relapse) $4.99
BIRDS OF PREY Sulfur & Semen (2008 Relapse) $4.99
BIRDS OF PREY Weight of the Wound (2006 Relapse) $6.99
BITTERNESS Genociety (2009 GUC) $8.99
BLACK FLAME Conquering Purity (2006 Worship Him) $6.99
BLACKFIRE Hereafter Live 1988 (Rhapsodeath/Basement) $6.99
BLACKGUARD Profugus Mortis (10 tracks, Nuclear Blast) $6.99
BLACKGUARD Profugus Mortis (9 tracks, 2009 Sumerian) $6.99
BLACKSHINE Our Pain Is Your Pleasure (1997 Gun BMG Germany) $10.99
BLACKTHORN (RUS) Codex Archaos DIGIBOOK (12 tracks, 2011 MSR Productions Russia) $10.99
BLEED THE SKY Paradigm In Entropy + video clip (2005 Nuclear Blast USA) $4.99
BLO.TORCH Blo.torch (1999 Wicked World, light scuff on disc) $2.99
BLO.TORCH Blo.torch (1999 Wicked World) $2.99
BLOOD STAINED DUSK Dirge of Death's Silence (2001 Baphomet/Necropolis) $6.99
BLOODTHORN Onwards Into Battle (1999/2002 Season of Mist/CD Maximum Russia) $4.99
CANNAE Horror (2003 Prosthetic) $6.99
CARCERI Good Must Suffer the Wicked DIGI (2011 Armada) $8.99
CARNAL FORGE More You Suffer (2003 Century Media, light disc wear, flurries) $6.99
CATAMENIA Eskhata (11 tracks, 2002 Massacre Germany) $6.99
CATAMENIA Eternal Winter's Prophecy (11 tracks, 2006 Massacre/Locomotive Spain/USA, very light disc wear) $6.99
CATAMENIA Morning Crimson (13 tracks, 1999/2002 Massacre/CD Maximum Russia) $4.99
CATAMENIA VIII Time Unchained (10 tracks, 2008 Massacre/Irond Russia, very light disc wear) $4.99
CATHOLICON Death Throes of Chistianity (2006 Negativity) $6.99
CENOTAPH Reincarnation In Gorextasy (8 tracks, 2007 Atlantis; fast, technical and brutal death metal) $8.99
CHAINSAW (CHI) Announcement (2007 Proselytism) $8.99
CHILDREN OF BODOM Blooddrunk (9 tracks, 2008 Spinefarm Fontana Universal USA, very light disc wear) $4.99
CHILDREN OF BODOM Something Wild (1998 Nuclear Blast USA, tested, inner ring crack does not affect play guaranteed) $2.99
CHILDREN OF BODOM Stockholm Knockout Live 2CD (18 tracks on 2 discs, 2006 Spinefarm/Fontana USA, light freckles on one disc) $4.99
CHILDREN OF BODOM Tokyo Warhearts Live In Japan 1999 BOX SET (11 tracks, includes 10 photo-cards and CD in near-DVD size box; (1999 Spinefarm Finland, light disc scuff marks) $18.99
CIDESPHERE Interment (2002 Hammer Muzik; brutal yet melodic technical death metal mix of American and Swedish sounds) $8.99
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE Trial By Ice 2002-2010 (10 tracks, Ashen Austria, very light disc wear/specs) $8.99
CONDUCTING FROM THE GRAVE Revenants (11 tracks, 2010 Sumerian USA, disc has two light scratches) $6.99
CONSUME They Shall Suffer (9 tracks, 2005 Hammer Muzik; brutal death grind debut with thick guitar sound, ultra low guttural vocals. Gore lyrical theme and cover art) $8.99
CRACK UP From the Ground (Nuclear Blast) $2.99
CRADLE OF FILTH Harder Darker Faster Thornography Deluxe MVI 2CD (2 discs, 2006/2007 Roadrunner) $8.99
CRIMFALL As the Path Unfolds (2009 Napalm) $8.99
CROWN THE Crowned In Terror (11 tracks, 2002 Metal Blade/Fono Russia, light disc wear) $4.99
CRYPTIC CARNAGE Retrospect 2000 (1999 Serenades) $6.99
CRYPTIC Once Holy Realm (Dark Horizon) $6.99
CULTES DES GHOULES Henbane (5 tracks, 58:24, 2013 Hells Headbangers limited to 1500 units,light disc wear) $8.99
DAGORLAD End of the Dark Ages DIGI (LSP, atmospheric sympho black/death metal like Bal Sagoth) $6.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Character (11 tracks, 2005 Century Media USA, light disc wear) $6.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Construct US EDITION DIGIPAK (12 tracks, 2013 Century Media USA, light/moderate disc marks/wear, light cover wear) $4.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Exposures 2CD (31 tracks on 2 discs, 2004 Century Media USA) $6.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Fiction (10 tracks, 2007 Century Media USA) $6.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Gallery (1995 Osmose, couple of light disc marks) $16.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Mind's I (1997 Osmose) $16.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY Projector (10 tracks, 1999 Century Media USA) $6.99
DARK TRANQUILLITY We Are the Void (11 tracks, 2010 Century Media/Mazzar Russia, light disc marks/wear) $4.99
DARKANE Layers of Lies (2005 Nuclear Blast Germany, wavy tray card from humidity) $6.99
DARKENED SKIES Dawn of Dreams DIGI (2003 Khaosmaster) $4.99
DARKSIDE Cognitive Dissonance (2001 Season of Mist) $6.99
DARKSIDE Shadowfields (9 tracks, 1997 System Shock Germany, spine cut mark) $4.99
DEAD CONSPIRACY Gore Drenched Legacy (19 tracks, 1987-1989/2006 Hells Headbangers) $8.99
DEATH & CONTROL DENIED - CHUCK SCHULDINER Zero Tolerance (10 demo tracks, 1985/1986/2001/2004 Karmageddon) $8.99
DECEASED As the Weird Travel On (2005 Thrash Corner/The End USA, very light disc wear) $6.99
DECEASED Supernatural Addiction + 5 bonus (13 tracks, 2000/2012 Shrieks from the Hearse/Hells Headbangers, very light disc wear) $8.99
DECOMPOSING SERENITY Poultry Organ Toys + SUGAR PLUM FAIRYCinderella's Spirit In My Doll Split CD (2001 Metal Gate, couple of light disc marks) $6.99
DEEPRED Prophetic Luster (2001 Forensick) $6.99
DEMENTOR Enslave The Weak (2000 Osmose) $6.99
DEMIMONDE Mutant Star (2000 Epidemie, doom death gothic metal) $6.99
DEMONTUARY Of the Fallen Years (13 tracks, 2010 Heaven & Hell USA) $6.99
DESPISED ICON Ills of Modern Man CD + DVD (10 CD tracks + bonus DVD disc concert, 2007 Century Media USA, very light disc wear) $6.99
DETONATION (HOL) Portals To Uphobia (2005 Osmose/The End) $6.99
DEVISER Running Sore (LSP, aggressive orchestral Euro black/death metal) $6.99
DIABOLI Anthems of Sorrow (2000 Full Moon) $6.99
DIGESTED FLESH + INHUMAN DISSILIENCY Accumulation of Eviscerated Remnants SPLIT CD (8 tracks, 2006 Macabre) $6.99
DIMENSION ZERO Silent Night Fever (2001 Regain/Century Media) $6.99
DIMMU BORGIR Spiritual Black Dimensions (9 tracks, 1999 Nuclear Blast USA, very light disc wear) $8.99
DISFIGURED CORPSE United Hellland (20 tracks, 2002 Crystal Prod label, disc edge is hurt but far away from play surface) $6.99
DISMAL DIVINITY Ad Majorem De Gloriam (2005 Khaosmaster) $6.99
DIVERCIA Cycle of Zero (2004 Karmageddon) $6.99
DIVINE EMBRACE Tales of Avalon (Divine Embrace, prog death metal, Stormrider members, very light disc wear) $6.99
DIVINITY Allegory (2008 Nuclear Blast) $6.99
DIVINITY DESTROYED Plague EP DIGI (6 tracks, 2005 Divinity Destroyed) $8.99
DOMAIN (MEX) + DEMONIZED Hellbirth split EP CD (6 tracks, 2000 American Line, light disc wear) $6.99
DRAGON (POL) Twarze (1999 Metal Mind, sung in Polish) $8.99
DUSK Mourning...Resurrect (11 tracks from Dusk + Majestic Thou In Ruin + 1 bonus, 65 minutes, 1993/1995/1998/2001 Lost Disciple USA) $18.99
DUSKFALL Lifetime Supply of Guilt (10 tracks, 2005 Nuclear Blast USA) $6.99
DVC Descendant Upheaval (1989 Steamhammer/SPV Germany) $12.99
DYING WISH Silent Horizon + On Twilight of Eternity (12 tracks, 1998/2000 Hammer Hungary) $8.99
ECLECTIC SPAWN Noosferic (2006 Ablaze) $6.99
ELENIUM For Giving – For Getting (2003 Rage of Achilles) $6.99
ELISABETHA Und Wirklichkeit Erfullt Die Seele Wieder (2004 Black Attakk, sung in German) $6.99
EMANCER Utopian Illusions (2001 Extremist, black metal from Norway) $6.99
EMBEDDED A Severity Divine (2005 Revenge Prod, very light disc wear) $8.99
EMERGENCY GATE Nemesis Construct (13 tracks, 2014 Twilight Zone Germany) $6.99
ENEMY IS US Venomized (2008 Tribunal, barcode hole) $4.99
ENEMY SOIL Casualties of Progress + 4 bonus (9 tracks, 1994-1996/2008 Relapse) $6.99
ENSAVAGEMENT Age of Discontinuity EP (4 tracks, Ensavagement) $6.99
ENTOMBED Left Hand Path + 2 bonus tracks (12 tracks, 1990 Earache Mosh 21 CD “Mastered By Nimbus”, booklet edge dimples) $18.99
EPISODE 13 Pitch Black (2008 Raven; melodic sympho black metal like Dimmu Borgir. With members of Astral Division, Sadistic Spell and Zifir) $8.99
EPISODE 13 Tabula Rasa (2005 DJ Club; melodic black metal with keyboards in the vein of Dimmu Borgir and Thy Serpent (with a Turkish touch to it); very light disc wear) $8.99
ESQARIAL Discoveries + 1 bonus (10 tracks, 2001 Empire) $6.99
EVER DARK Armageddon's Birth EP (5 tracks, 1996 Full Moon USA) $6.99
EVERSCATHED Razors of Unrest (2006 Open Grave, barcode hole, light disc wear) $6.99
EVIL INCARNATE Waiting for His Return (2005 Hells Headbangers, light freckles/specks on disc) $6.99
EVIL INCARNATE Waiting For His Return (2005 Hells Headbangers) $8.99
EVOCATION Tales From the Tomb (2007 Cyclone Empire) $8.99
EVOL (ITA) Ancient Abbey EP (5 tracks, 1998 Adipocere) $14.99
EXILE Exile Is Eternal + bonus video track (2006 Atlantis; pure black metal project from Moribund Oblivion member Bahadir; with deluxe o-card) $8.99
EXTOL Synergy (2003 Solid State) $6.99
FAERGHAIL Horizon's Fall + bonus tracks, (12 tracks, 1996 Faerghail/Shiver, Euro black/death/trad metal from Finland) $6.99
FAERGHAIL Where Angels Dwell No More (LSP, Finnish melodic sympho black metal like Children of Bodom) $6.99
FALCHION Legacy of Heathens (2005 World Chaos) $6.99
FEAR MY THOUGHTS Vulcanus DIGI (2007 Century Media) $6.99
FECAL CORPSE We Gangbanged Your Mom...Again! (Redrum) $6.99
FIGURE OF SIX Aion (2008 Locomotive) $6.99
FINAL DAWN Under the Bleeding Sky (2004 New Aeon Media) $4.99
FISSION Crater (2004 Napalm/Irond Russia) $6.99
FLATLINED One Step Closer to Eternal Rest EP (6 tracks, Lifeless) $6.99
FLESHGRIND Live In Germany EP (United Guttural Records) $6.99
FOETICIDE Embrace of Death (9 tracks, 2005 Onslaught Records Mexico, disc marks/wear) $4.99
FONDLECORPSE From Beyond the Crypt (2003 Posercrusher, strong uncut version) $6.99
FREEDOM GRAY Blackout Diary (2008 Raven; melodic death metal) $8.99
GALADRIEL Empty Mirrors of Oblivion 1995-1999 2CD (28 tracks on 2 discs, 2005 Metal Age) $6.99
GANDALF Deadly Fairytales (1998 Earache/Wicked World) $6.99
GANDALF Rock Hell (2001 Earache/Wicked World) $6.99
GARDENIAN Sindustries (10 tracks, 2000 Nuclear Blast Germany, light disc wear) $4.99
GARGOYLE (TUR) March of the Heroes (2006 Atlantis; melodic death metal bearing influences from Amon Amarth. The album is based on the concept of Constantinople being conquered by the Ottoman Empire and becoming Istanbul. With deluxe o-card; wavy tray card from humidity) $8.99
GEHENNA First Spell EP (5 tracks, 1994/2001 Head Not Found Norway Matrix: TOCANO DK 41660 (no barcode) $18.99
GHAMOREAN Plaguempire (2005 Karmageddon) $6.99
GJENFERDSEL I (Kelzer Black Forest) $8.99
GOD DETHRONED Grand Grimoire (1997 Metal Blade USA) $6.99
GONKULATOR Satan's Burial Ground (1996 Fudgeworthy, light disc wear) $8.99
GONKULATOR Second War In Heaven EP (7 tracks, 2000 Fudgeworthy, free magnet) $6.99
GRAVEWURM Blood of the Pentagram (Hells Headbangers) $6.99
GREAT VAST FOREST Battletales and Songs of Steel (2002 Evil Horde) $6.99
GROZA - BAHADIR ULUDAGLAR Kor Kilavuz (2009 IMM; 3rd CD from Moribund Oblivion frontman Bahadir; raw and violent black metal with lyrics in Turkish. Also a member of Exile and Infected) $8.99
GROZA Gecmisin Kasvetli Izlier (2007 Poem; 2nd CD from Moribund Oblivion frontman Bahadir; raw and violent black metal with lyrics in Turkish. Very light disc wear) $8.99
GROZA Life After Life (2005 Poem) $6.99
HALO OF FLYS Death, Pain & Minds Insane (2011 Metallic Media, light disc wear) $6.99
HALO OF SHADOWS Manifesto (2006 Massacre) $6.99
HATESPHERE Bloodred Hatred (2002 Scarlet/Century Media USA, water damaged booklet (will not open) and water stained tray card; disc is near mint) $1.99
HAUNTED Dead Eye Limited Edition CD + DVD (2006 Century Media, w/ o-card) $8.99
HEADMEAT Mass Sociogenic Illness DIGI (8+ tracks, 2005 Baphomet/Red Stream) $6.99
HECATOMB Impaled Apocalypse (2006 Poem; brutal death metal) $8.99
HIDDEN (USA) Spectral Magnitude (2002 Red Stream) $6.99
HIMSA Summon In Thunder + bonus CM comp 2CD (18 tracks on 2 discs, 2007 Century Media) $6.99
IC REX Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia (7 tracks, 2005 Hammer of Hate Finland, tiny booklet edge dimples) $4.99
IMMORTAL SOULS Wintereich (11 tracks, 2007 Facedown USA, light disc wear, scuffs) $6.99
IMPEDIGON As Desires Fade... (LSP, light disc dust freckles) $6.99
IMPENDING DOOM (USA-CA) Serpent Servant (2009 Facedown) $6.99
IMPERANON Stained (11 tracks, 2004 Nuclear Blast USA) $6.99
IN FLAMES Jester Race + Black Ash Inheritance Reloaded SUPER JEWEL BOX (14 tracks, 2009 Nuclear Blast USA, very light disc wear) $8.99
IN RUINS Four Seasons of Grey (8 tracks, 1998 Metal Blade USA, light disc edge wear) $6.99
IN SPITE Anticlockwise + bonus video track (2003 Hammer; melodic death metal) $8.99
IN SPITE Land of Steel Cage (2005 Hammer Muzik; melodic death metal. Very light disc wear) $8.99
INDESPAIR Time To Wake Up (10 tracks, 2012 Metal Mundus Poland) $18.99
INFECTED FLESH Ascension of the Abysmal Aberration (Hecatombe) $8.99
INFERI The End of An Era (2009 Tribunal, barcode hole) $6.99
INFERI The End of an Era (2009 Tribunal, barcode mark, very light disc wear) $6.99
INFERNO (SER) Live Plague (2007 Grom, very light disc wear) $8.99
INSIGNIUM In Die Abgrunde (2005 Black Attakk, sung in German) $6.99
INSOMNIUM Across the Dark CD + DVD (10 CD tracks plus bonus DVD disc, 2009 Candlelight USA, light disc wear/dust) $14.99
INSOMNIUM One For Sorrow (10 tracks, 2011 Century Media USA, light disc wear/dust) $8.99
INSPELL Arcadian Tales of Egregore (2004/2006 Stormspell, hand numbered limited edition of 950 units, disc freckles) $6.99
INTO ETERNITY Buried In Oblivion (10 tracks, 2003 Century Media USA) $6.99
IRON THRONES Visions of Light (2009 Tribunal, barcode hole) $6.99
ISEGRIM Isegrim EP (4 tracks, 24:31, 1998 Last Episode) $6.99
ISENBURG Erzgebirge (2004 Black Attakk) $8.99
JOTUNSPOR Cleipnirs Smeder (2006 Satanas Rex/Candlelight USA) $6.99
JUDGEMENT DAY 40 Minutes To Impact (2004 New Aeon Media) $6.99
KETUM Monetary Chronicles (18 tracks, 2007 Anger Epidemic; death/grind like Napalm Death) $8.99
KHADAVER New World Disorder DIGI (2012 Khadavar, limited hand numbered edition 002 of 300) $14.99
KISS TRIBUTE – KISS OF DEATH (12 tracks by Blood Coven, Hate Theory, Acheron, Vile, more; 1999 Dwell BMG Direct) $6.99
KORP Demon Reborn (1999 VOD Sweden, some tiny disc pinhole marks) $6.99
KORPIKLAANI Tales Along This Road (9 tracks 2006 Napalm Germany) $8.99
LET IT FLOW Momentary Touches To The Depths (2006 Hammer Muzik; in the style of Katatonia, Opeth and The Gathering. Very light disc wear) $8.99
LIFELESS Beyond the Threshold of Death + 1 bonus (2010 Ibex Moon) $8.99
LIFELESS Reconciliation + bonus tracks (18 tracks, 1999 Msound/Shiver, progressive death metal) $6.99
LORDS OF DECADENCE Cognitive Note of Discord (2005 Scarlet, couple of very light disc marks) $6.99
LOST INFINITY Raven Loft (2006 Atlantis; melodic black metal with screaming vocals, beautiful female vocals and keyboards; in the vein of Cradle of Filth. Very light disc wear) $8.99
LOVE STORY'S END Death Doesn't Deserve Me DIGI (2011 War Tribe) $8.99
LUNATIC GODS Inhuman & Insensible + 2 bonus (11 tracks, 1996 Hrom) $8.99
LUNATIC GODS Sitting By the Fire + 2 bonus (12 tracks, 1998 Hrom) $8.99
LUNATIC GODS Wilderness (11 tracks, 2002 Shindy) $8.99
MACHETE Premonition DIGI (15 tracks, 2009 Machete) $8.99
MALEFACTOR Centurian (2006 Maniac) $6.99
MALIGNANCY (USA-NY) Motivated By Hunger EP (6 tracks, 2000 United Guttural USA, some disc marks/wear, mainly on outer ring) $4.99
MARIONETTE Spite (12 tracks, 2008 Listenable France, booklet bend, booklet edge dimples) $4.99
MENTAL HOME Upon the Shores of Inner Seas (8 tracks, 2000 The End/Century Media USA, light disc wear) $4.99
MEPHISTOPHELES Songs of the Desolate Ones (1999 Last Episode) $6.99
MERIDIAN Seventh Sun (2002 Season of Mist) $6.99
MERLIN (RUS) They Must Die (2001 Great White North) $6.99
MESETIAH A Force To Recognize (2011 3rd Track Prod) $8.99
MIDVINTER At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon (1997 Invasion/Death, barcode hole, disc marks, wear) $6.99
MIGHTY D Last Rise (14 tracks, 2004 Iron Glory Germany, with Atrocity, Sacrificium members, very light disc wear/dust) $4.99
MIRRORTHRONE Carriers of Dust (2006 Red Stream, light disc marks/wear) $6.99
MIRRORTHRONE Carriers of Dust (2006 Red Stream) $6.99
MIRRORTHRONE Gangrene (2008 Red Stream) $6.99
MISTELTEIN Divine Desecrate Complete (2002 Mercenary World War III) $6.99
MOONSPELL Butterfly Effect (12 tracks, 1999 Century Media USA, disc marks/wear/scuffs, booklet corner water stain/wave) $2.99
MORBID ANGEL TRIBUTE – TYRANTS FROM THE ABYSS (15 tracks by Luciferion, Vader, Angel Corpse, Diabolic, Behemoth, more; Hammerheart) $6.99
MORBUS Leibeigen (1999 Godz Greed, death metal from Germany) $6.99
MORD Morde (2004 Black Attakk) $6.99
MORIBUND OBLIVION Khanjar (2003 DJ Club; melodic black metal, ex-Infected members) $8.99
MORIBUND OBLIVION Killer Is Nowhere (2008 Block Action; ultra black metal with members of Exile, Infected, Sabhankra and Altona) $8.99
MORIBUND OBLIVION Machine Brain (9 tracks; 2006 Atlantis; melodic black metal. Includes deluxe o-card) $8.99
MORIBUND OBLIVION Time To Face (8 tracks; 2006 Atlantis; pure black metal. Includes deluxe o-card) $8.99
MORK GRYNING Pieces of Primal Expressionism (2003 No Fashion) $6.99
MORRIGAN (GER/FIN) Welcome to Samhain (10 tracks, 2006 Undercover Records Germany) $8.99
MORTIFICATION 10 Years Live Not Dead (13 tracks, 2000 Rowe Prod, Christian death/thrash) $6.99
MURDER RAPE Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever (2001 Evil Horde, very light disc fog, tray card waves from humidity) $6.99
MUTINY WITHIN Mutiny Within AUTOGRAPHED COVER (11 tracks, 2010 Roadrunner USA, cover full autographed by 6 band members) $8.99
MY DARKEST HATE At War CD + DVD (2004 Massacre, DVD is European PAL Region 0) $6.99
MY DARKEST HATE Massive Brutality (10 tracks, 2001 Vile/Massacre Germany, members of Sacrificium, Primal Fear, Sacred Steel; very light disc wear/dust) $4.99
MY OWN GRAVE Unleash + 5 bonus SUPER JEWEL BOX (19 tracks, 2009 Pulverised) $8.99
MY RUIN Shape of Things To Come EP (5 tracks, 2003 Century Media) $4.99
MY SHAMEFUL Descend (2008 Firebox, tray card has 2 hole punches and vertical crease, moderate/light disc marks/wear) $2.99
MYKORRHIZA Mykorrhiza EP (5 tracks, 2002 Konqueror) $6.99
N.I.L. N.I.L. (2006 Battle Kommand) $8.99
NACHTMYSTIUM Addicts Black Meddle Pt II (10 tracks, 2010 Century Media USA) $6.99
NACHTMYSTIUM Demise + 2 bonus tracks (9 remastered tracks, 2004/2009 Battle Kommand/Planet Metal USA limited edition) $6.99
NACHTMYSTIUM Instinct Decay (10 tracks, 2006 Battle Kommand/Southern Lord USA) $6.99
NACHTMYSTIUM Silencing Machine DIGIPAK (10 tracks, 2012 Century Media USA) $6.99
NACHTMYSTIUM First Attacks (2008 Battle Kommand/Candlelight USA) $6.99
NAIL WITHIN Nail Within (2003 Listenable) $4.99
NAPALM DEATH Bootlegged In Japan (24 tracks, 1998 Earache USA) $4.99
NECRODEAD Path To Death (10 tracks, 2007 Stigma Chile, light disc wear) $8.99
NECROMANTIA IV Malice + 1 bonus DIGI (8 tracks, 2005 Black Lotus, very light disc wear/dust) $6.99
NECROMICON Sightveiler LARGE A5 DIGIPAK (10 tracks, 1998 Hammerheart Holland, light cover wear, light disc wear) $8.99
NECROVOROUS Funeral For the Sane (2011 Pulverised) $8.99
NEPHENZY Where Death Becomes (1998 Black Diamond) $6.99
NETTLETHRONE Dissonant Progression (2008 Ghost Wall; death metal with the drummer from Decimation and Despised. Band ranks once included other members of Decimation plus Suicide, Ominous Grief and Anorexia members. Guest appearances by members of Self Torture and Suicide) $8.99
NIGHTMARE VISIONS Gates of Delirium (2006 Casket Copro) $6.99
NIGHTRAGE Descent Into Chaos (2005 Century Media) $6.99
NOCTURNAL MAJESTY Orgastic Trilogy (1999 Unisound, very light disc wear) $4.99
NOCTURNUS Ethereal Tomb (8 tracks, 2000 Season of Mist France) $6.99
NODE As God Kills (2006 Massacre) $6.99
NOISE FOREST Mortal Machines (1999 Decomposed) $6.99
NONEXIST Deus Deceptor (2002 Century  Media) $6.99
NORTHERN TALES A Vocalist's Diary (2000 Point Music, melodic Euro death metal) $6.99
NORTHERN TALES Bloodporn Industries (2002 Point) $6.99
NUCLEAR BLAST ALLSTARS Out of the Dark 2CD (members of Soilwork, In Flames, Kataklysm, Hypocrisy, Wintersun, 2006 Nuclear Blast Germany, with o-card; wavy tray card from humidity) $6.99
OBSCURE Shedded Blood (2007 Hammer Muzik; black metal; fast, violent & harsh. For fans of Marduk and Dark Funeral) $8.99
OBSECRATION Last Vision Before the Obliteration + KORRODEAD Acts Beyond the Pale split CD (13 tracks, 2002 Sleaszy Rider) $6.99
OCEANS OF SADNESS For We Are (LSP, death/black/gothic metal) $6.99
OCEANS OF SADNESS Laughing Tears (LSP, death/black/gothic metal) $6.99
OMINOUS GRIEF Nothing In Rememberance (2007 Kastenfaal; technical symphonic black metal band. Includes deluxe o-card) $8.99
OPETH Damnation (8 tracks, 2003 Music For Nations/Koch BMG Direct USA, very light disc edge wear) $4.99
OPETH Orchid + 1 bonus (8 tracks, 2003 Candlelight USA) $6.99
OPETH Watershed (2008 Roadrunner, barcode hole, some light disc marks/scuffs) $6.99
OPETH Watershed (7 tracks, 2008 Roadrunner USA, light disc wear) $4.99
OPPROBRIUM Discerning Forces (10 tracks, 2000 Nuclear Blast Germany, light disc wear) $6.99
ORCUS O DIS Novus Orsa EP (6 tracks, 2008 Orcus O Dis) $6.99
OUROBOROS (FRA) Critical Perspective EP (5 tracks, 21:12, 2002 Snakebite) $6.99
OXIPLEGATZ Sidereal Journey DIGI (1998 Season of Mist; very light disc edge wear, partial tray teeth) $6.99
PAGAN (TUR) Oz In Transcendence (2007 Hammer Muzik; cult Turkish black metal band) $8.99
PAGAN WINTER Inferos (1998 Last Episode) $6.99
PANCHRYSIA Into Obscure Depths (LSP, modern black metal like Zyklon, Immortal, Dissection) $6.99
PARAGON IMPURE To Gaius For The Delivery Of Agrippina (2005 GoatowaRex) $6.99
PATH OF DEBRIS Eyes of the Basilisk (1999 Pavement) $6.99
PECCATUM Lost In Reverie (2004 The End, barcode hole) $6.99
PENETRALIA Carpe Noctem (1999 Last Episode) $8.99
PENTACROSTIC Pain Years (14 tracks, 1992 Hellion/Molten Metal Productions Molten 004) $8.99
PIAREVARACIEN If No Sun DIGI (Pagan Bielarus/Crush the Desert) $8.99
PRIMAL RAGE Biennium (1998 Primal Rage, minor booklet bend) $6.99
PRIMARY SLAVE Data Plague (9 tracks, 2000 Visible Noise) $4.99
PROVENANCE Still At Arm's Length DIGI (8 tracks, 2002 Scarlet, gothic metal from Sweden) $6.99
PULVERIZED (MEX) Spheres of Depraved Philosophy  (2003 Art of Murder; tray card crease, light disc edge wear) $6.99
QRUJHUK Triumph of the Glorious Blasphemy (2006 Kerzakraum) $6.99
RAGNAROK Nattferd (11 tracks, 1995 Head Not Found Norway Matrix Code: TOCANO DK 43994 (Third Press) (no barcode)) $24.99
RAVEN WOODS And Emotions Are Spilled (2006 Atlantis Muzik; supreme melodic black/death metai for fans of Dimmu Borgir's 'Spiritual Black Dimensions'. Includes deluxe o-card) $8.99
RAVENTHRONE Endless Conflict Theorem (2002 Avantgarde/Irond Russia, very light disc wear) $4.99
RAVENTHRONE Malice In Wonderland (1998 Avantgarde) $8.99
RED DEATH External Frames of Reference (2005 Metal Blade, couple of disc marks) $6.99
REQUIEM (SWI) Premier Killing League (2007 Massacre/Locomotive, death metal) $6.99
RESURRECTURIS Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (2004 Mondongo Canibale, light disc wear) $4.99
REVENGE (CAN) Infiltration Downfall Death (2008 Osmose/Red Stream) $6.99
RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION A Sun Revolution (1999 Shiver, blackened symphonic pagan metal) $6.99
ROTTENNESS (MEX) Blasphemous Gore Enjoyment (2000 Emerald City/Grind Core De Oz, light disc marks/wear) $4.99
RUTTHNA Doomsdaylight DIGI (2005 Black Lodge, Swedish black metal) $6.99
SAGARIS Raising the Oldest (2006 Poem; cruel, fast, dark black metal) $8.99
SALTUS Symbols of Forefathers Inexploratus Saltus (Morbid Winter) $6.99
SAMMATH Verwoesting Devastation (2002 Folter) $6.99
SANCTIMONIOUS ORDER ...and Still the Battle Rages On EP (4 tracks, 2003 Neon Knights) $6.99
SANCTIMONIUS ORDER Thy Kingdom (2004 Black Attakk) $6.99
SANGUIS IMPEREM Stagnation of Centuries EP (5 tracks, 2008 Glorious Assault, limited to 1000) $6.99
SATYRICON Satyricon + 3 bonus (13 tracks, 2013 Kaleidoscope Nuclear Blast USA, very light disc wear/scuffs) $6.99
SCAR CULTURE Inscribe (2001 Century Media) $6.99
SCAR SYMMETRY Dark Matter Dimensions + 1 bonus (12 tracks, 2009 Nuclear Blast) $6.99
SCAR SYMMETRY Holographic Universe (12 tracks, 2008 Nuclear Blast Germany) $6.99
SCAR SYMMETRY Holographic Universe (12 tracks, 2008 Nuclear Blast USA, light disc wear) $6.99
SCAR SYMMETRY Pitch Black Progress + 2 bonus LIMITED EDITION (13 tracks, 2006 Nuclear Blast Germany, with o-card box) $6.99
SCAR SYMMETRY Pitch Black Progress + 2 bonus LIMITED EDITION (13 tracks, 2006 Nuclear Blast Germany, with o-card box, sticker; slightly wavy tray card from humidity) $6.99
SCHOLOMANCE Immortality Murder 2CD (2001 The End, barcode hole) $6.99
SCUM (NOR) Gospels For the Sick (2005 Tuba/Candlelight USA, very light disc wear) $4.99
SCUM (NOR) Gospels For the Sick (2005 Tuba/Candlelight USA) $6.99
SELF TORTURE Person A (2004 Zoo Soun; death/grind/hardcore) $8.99
SENTENCED Cold White Light + 1 bonus (11+ tracks, 2002 Century Media USA, disc marks/wear/buffing) $4.99
SENTENCED Frozen + 4 bonus tracks (16 tracks, 1998/2007 Century Media USA, light disc edge wear) $6.99
SENTENCED Funeral Album (13 tracks, 2005 Century Media USA, light disc edge wear) $6.99
SENTENCED North From Here + Shadows of the Past + bonus tracks 2CD (24 remastered tracks on 2 discs, 1993/1995/2001 Century Media USA) $12.99
SENTENCED Funeral Album (13 tracks, 2005 Century Media/FONO Russia, very light disc wear) $4.99
SEWN SHUT Rediscovering the Dead (2001/2002 Selfmadegod Poland) $6.99
SHADOW (JAP) Shadow (2001 Spikefarm/Century Media) $6.99
SHADOWBREED Only Shadows Remain (2001 Painkiller) $6.99
SHADOWS FALL Of One Blood (10 tracks, 2000 Century Media USA) $4.99
SHADOWS FALL War Within CD + DVD DIGI (2004 Century Media, disc marks/wear, digi wear, good playing copy) $2.99
SHATTERED REALM All Will Suffer EP (5 tracks, 2001 War Machine, light disc wear) $8.99
SHINING OF KLIFFOTH Twilight of Sehemeah (2000 Last Episode) $6.99
SIEGE OF HATE S.O.H. Subversive By Nature (20 tracks, 2004/2005 Karmageddon/Candlelight USA) $6.99
SIKFUK KRETAN split CD (2003/2006 Comatose) $6.99
SILENT KINGDOM Bloodless (2003 Walk, couple of disc edge marks) $6.99
SILENTIO MORTIS + EMBALSAMADO Illumination SPLIT CD SLIM CASE (11 tracks, Kyrios-2225-13 Brazil, very light disc wear) $6.99
SKALMOLD Baldur +2 bonus (12 tracks, 2011 Napalm Austria) $6.99
SKYFIRE Spectral + 1 bonus DIGI (10 tracks, 2004 Arise/Scarecrow) $6.99
SKYMNING Stormchoirs (2002 Blackend, light scuff mark) $8.99
SLUDGE Lava (2008 Mighty Music) $6.99
SOILWORK Figure Number Five 2CD (17 tracks on 2 discs, 2003 Nuclear Blast USA, very light disc wear) $6.99
SOILWORK Sworn To a Great Divide + 1 bonus CD + DVD (2 discs, 2007 Nuclear Blast USA, w/ slipcase o-card) $8.99
SOILWORK Sworn To a Great Divide + 1 bonus CD + DVD (2 discs, 2007 Nuclear Blast USA) $8.99
SOL NEGRO Hellish Furnace EP (5 tracks inc Anarchus cover, 2002 Lifeless Woods Prod, some disc marks/wear) $6.99
SOLAR DAWN Equinoctium (2002/2003 Mighty/Irond Russia, very light disc wear) $4.99
SOUL SACRIFICE Carpe Mortem + 1 bonus (12 tracks, 2012 ADA Muzik Turkey, light disc mark) $6.99
SOUL SACRIFICE Carpe Mortem + 1 bonus (12 tracks, 2012 Ada Muzik; one member is wearing an At The Gates shirt) $8.99
SOUL SACRIFICE Stranded Hate (2005 Major Muzik; melodic death/doom metal in modern Swedish style) $8.99
SOULLESS (USA-OH) Agony's Lament (2002 Worldchaos) $6.99
SPAWN (GER) Human Toxin (2004 Morbid) $6.99
SPAWN OF POSSESSION Noctambulant (2006 Willowtip, light disc marks/wear) $8.99
SPIRITUAL DECAY Closer to the Grave (2006 Dark Horizon, disc wear/freckles) $6.99
STARKILL Fire of Life DIGI (2013 Century Media USA) $6.99
STERNENSTAUB Destination Infinity (2004 Black Attakk) $6.99
STIGMA (ITA) Concerto for the Undead (2010 Pivotal) $6.99
STIGMA (ITA) When Midnight Strikes! + bonus track + video clip (2008 Pivotal) $6.99
STIGMATHEIST It All Ends Today (1999 Euphonious, light disc wear) $6.99
STORM Nordavind (10 tracks, 1995 Moonfog Norway) $28.99
STORMCROW Wounded Skies EP (5 tracks, 2004/2006 Dwell USA, disc edge wear/marks) $6.99
STRATIA Stratia EP (5 tracks of obscure Christian doomy death metal, 2002 Stratia USA) $18.99
STRATUZ Spirit Seduction (2000 LSP, death metal) $6.99
STURMKAISER Veni Vidi Vici + 1 bonus (9 tracks, War Arts, light disc wear) $6.99
SULPHUR Cursed Madness (2006 Osmose Europe) $8.99
SUPREME KHAOS RISING Dawn of a Black Sun (1999 Godz Greed/EFA) $6.99
SURGICAL DISSECTION Absurd Humanism (2003 Nice To Eat You, very light disc wear) $6.99
SUSPERIA Predominance (2001 Nuclear Blast/Irond Russia press, light specs on disc) $6.99
SUSPERIA Predominance + Vindication (20 tracks on 2 discs, 2007 Nuclear Blast Germany, wavy tray card from humidity) $8.99
SYCRONOMICA Paths (2004 Black Attakk) $6.99
TERATISM Service for the Damned EP (6 tracks, 2004 Pathos) $6.99
TERMINAL DESCENT Host Age To the Devil (2007 Vitriolic) $6.99
THEE ORAKLE Smooth Comforts False (2012 Ethereal) $8.99
THELEMA (BEL) Fearful Symmetry (Soulflesh Collector) $4.99
THINE EYES BLEED Wake of Separation + 2 bonus (10+ tracks, 2005 The End) $6.99
THIRDMOON Aquis Submersus + 2 bonus (11 track, 1999 Napalm) $6.99
THOU SHALT SUFFER Somnium (10 tracks, 2000 Candlelight England, light disc wear) $4.99
THREAT SIGNAL Threat Signal (9 tracks, 2011 Nuclear Blast USA, barcode hole) $4.99
THRONE OF CHAOS Pervertigo (2002 Spinefarm Century Media USA, barcode hole, light disc wear) $4.99
THRONE OF CHAOS Pervertigo (2002 Spinefarm) $6.99
THY FLESH CONSUMED End of Blind Obedience (11 tracks, 2003 CDN, inc Blasphemy cover) $6.99
THY WILL BE DONE Was and Is To Come (10 tracks, 2007 Stillborn/Caroline USA, very light disc wear) $6.99
THYRANE Hypnotic (2003 Century Media ) $6.99
TIAMAT Prey (14+ tracks, 2003 Century Media USA, light disc marks/wear) $8.99
TIME OF THE WOLF Time of the Wolf (Odium Generis) $6.99
TORN ASUNDER In Painful Remembrance EP (4 tracks, 1998 Lifeless USA, light disc wear) $4.99
TORRID FLESH Chain of Command (2007 Torrid Flesh/Psychotic) $6.99
TOTEM (POL) Day Before the End (2008 Metal Mind; barcode hole) $6.99
TRAUMA Daimonion (12 tracks, 1998 Pagan Poland, light disc wear) $6.99
TURISAS Battle Metal + bonus tracks (15+ tracks, 2009 Century Media USA) $6.99
TURISAS Varangian Way (8 tracks, 2007 Century Media/Fono Russia) $4.99
TURISAS Varangian Way Limited Edition Paganfest Tour Edition CD + DVD (includes bonus tracks, bonus dvd disc, more; 2008 Century Media, w/ o-card) $8.99
TWILIGHT HAMMER Orcish Steel (2007 Twilight Hammer) $6.99
TYRANTZ EMPIRE Merauderz of the Monolith – The Omega Chapter DIGI (2010 Tarot, couple of light disc marks) $8.99
UNDOR I EP (2006 Bestial Burst, light disc wear) $6.99
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL Wrath of Kosmosistis EP (7 tracks, Interhell, limited to 1000 handnumbered) $6.99
URGRUND Graven Sign (2002 Baphomet/Red Stream) $6.99
VADER De Profundis + Future of the Past + SYSTEM SHOCK World Conspiracy Comp 2CD (21 Vader tracks plus bonus label compilation on 2 discs; 1995/1996/2000 System Shock SPV Germany) $14.99
VALE OF PNATH Vale of Pnath (2009 Tribunal, barcode) $6.99
VENOMOUS CONCEPT Poisoned Apple (2008 Century Media, barcode hole) $4.99
VESANIA God the Lux (12 tracks, 2005 Napalm Austria) $6.99
VINLAND ANTI CHRISTIAN KOMMANDO L'Ombre De La Solitude (2007 Rusty Axe. Light disc marks/wear) $6.99
VIOLATION Beyond the Graves (1998 Last Episode) $8.99
VON TRIBUTE Sacrifice At the Altar of the Satanic Blood Angel (w/ Frostmoon, Dawn of Sorrow,  Nuclearhammer, more; 24 tracks, 2008 Rusty Axe) $6.99
VORKUTA Into the Chasms of Lunacy (2007 Paragon) $6.99
VOTUR Planet Cemetary EP (5 tracks, 2003 Nocturnal) $6.99
VOX INTERIUM Yearing (2003 New Aeon) $4.99
WAR KABINETT Weakminded EP (6 tracks, 2007 Sala De Audio) $6.99
WHITECHAPEL A New Era of Corruption TRIPLE GATEPACK (2010 Metal Blade) $6.99
WINDS OF PLAGUE Decimate the Weak (2008 Century Media USA, spine cut mark, light disc wear) $4.99
WINGS (FIN) Diatribe (1995 Woodcut Finland, couple of very light disc marks) $14.99
WINTER Into Darkness + Eternal Frost DIGIPAK (12 tracks, 1999/2008 Nuclear Blast/Metal Mind Poland numbered limited of 2000 units) $14.99
WITHIN Y Extended Mental Dimensions (2003/2004 Karmageddon/Candlelight USA, light disc wear)  $6.99
WITHIN Y Extended Mental Dimensions (2004 Karmageddon, Gothenburg Sweden melodic death metal) $4.99
WOODS OF YPRES Wood 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light (11 tracks, 2012 Earache USA) $6.99
YYRKOON Unhealthy Opera + 1 bonus Limited Edition DIGI (13 tracks, 2006 Osmose The End USA) $4.99
ZIFIR You Must Come With Us (2007 Poem; pure black metal with members of Leviathan and In Spite) $8.99

Compilations/Various Artists

V/A  ALLIANCE (10 tracks, inc Demacretia, Double Cross, Hanker, Porno Coma, Brain Dead, more; 1999 Emperor Multimedia. Some disc marks/wear/dust) $6.99
V/A  AWAKENING – Females In Extreme Music (11 tracks by Deathwitch, Gehenna, Thorr's Hammer, Demonic Christ, Opera IX, more; 1997 Dwell, booklet wear, dimples, tray card water stain) $4.99
V/A  COLD, THE SILENT (13 tracks, inc. Nocturath, Krieg, Ember, Novembers Doom, more; Dragon Flight Recordings, light disc wear) $2.99
V/A  CONTAMINATED VI 2CD (39 tracks on 2 discs, with Mastodon, Nile, Skinless, Exhumed, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Pentagram, tons more;  2003 Relapse USA) $4.99
V/A  EARACHE PRESENTS CHOP YOUR OWN HEAD OFF CD + DVD (17 CD tracks + 19 DVD tracks, including Deicide, Decapitated, Akercocke, Cult of Luna, Mortiis, Haunted, Morbid Angel, tons more. 2006 Earache NTSC rc 0) $2.99
V/A  EARACHE PRESENTS EARPLUGGED 2 (15 tracks inc. Napalm Death, Cathedral, Carcass, At the Gates, Entombed, more; 1997 Earache USA, barcode hole, very light disc wear) $2.99
V/A  FIRE ON THE BRAIN (21 tracks, inc. Gorguts, Behemoth, Diabolic, Macabre, Angelcorpse, Monstrosity, more; 2001 Olympic/Century Media, a few light disc marks) $2.99
V/A  FIRESTARTER Century Black Summons (15 tracks with Emperor, Old Man's Child, Satyricon, Borknagar, Arcturus, Ulver, more; 1997 Century Media Black USA) $4.99
V/A  HEADBANGERS BALL The Revenge 2CD (38 tracks on 2 discs, with Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Trivium, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Dragonforce, tons more; 2006 Roadrunner USA) $4.99
V/A  HERALDS OF OBLIVION (15 tracks, w/ 3 tracks each from Demolition, Catalepsy, Brainstorm, Decomposed, Mutilage; 1993 Roughage) $6.99
V/A  IDENTITY 5 FIVE : I DEFY (17 tracks, inc. Sentenced, Katatonia, Old Man's Child, Borknagar, Opeth, Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, more; 1999 Century Media, light/moderate disc marks/wear) $2.99
V/A  IDENTITY 6 BEHOLD ANOTHER WORLD (18 tracks inc. Moonspell, Sentenced, Krisiun, Dark Tranquillity, Tiamat, Samael, Arch Enemy, Winters Bane, Angel Dust, more; 2000 Century Media, light disc wear) $2.99
V/A  INSIGHTS OF THE PROFANE (13 tracks, inc. Abigor, Baal, Azaghal, Judas Iscariot, more; 2000 Ma Kahru) $4.99
V/A  LAST EPISODE / SERANADES – THE RETURN OF THE LAST WARRIORS VOL III (14 tracks by Suidakra, Dawn of Dreams, Nokturnal Mortum, Vilkates, Amortis, Andras, Eisregen, more; 2000 Seranades/Last Episode) $4.99
V/A  METAL FOR THE MASSES Vol 2 II 2CD (20 CD tracks + 150+ mp3 tracks on bonus CD, with Arch Enemy, Moonspell, Nevermore, Enforsaken, Diabolic, Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork, more; 2003 Century Media USA, light disc marks/wear) $4.99
V/A  METAL FOR THE MASSES Vol 4 Four 2CD FAT DIGIPAK (40 tracks on 2 discs, with Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Nevermore, Immolation, Dimmu Borgir, Cathedral, tons more; 2005 Century Media USA, disc marks/wear) $2.99
V/A  METAL FOR THE MASSES Vol 666 CD + DVD (16 CD tracks plus 11 DVD video clips; with Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Nachtmystium, In This Moment, Fu Manchu, Warbringer, Agonist, tons more; 2007 Century Media USA) $4.99
V/A  METAL ON METAL Finnish Underground Metal Compilation (20 tracks, inc Jumalation, Malicious Death, Hellbox, Evoked Curse, Evil Angel, more; Metal On Metal. Light disc wear, booklet dimple) $6.99
V/A  MILWAUKEE METALFEST XIII Metal Compilation 2CD (43 death/black tracks on 2 discs, light disc wear) $6.99
V/A  NOISE FOR DEAF IV (w/ Gorgons Eyes, Fleshless, Premonition, Jason, Royal Quest, more; 31 tracks, a mix of all metal styles, from power to death/grind. Light disc wear) $6.99
V/A  OSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2006 (36 tracks by Dismember, Dead Infection, Fleshless, Spasm, tons more; unsure if the 36 tracks are excerpts or if most of these bands play grindcore (short songs). 2006 Obscene, tray card vertical crease, light disc wear) $2.99
V/A  PAGAN FIRE CD + DVD (16 CD tracks + 11 DVD tracks, with Bathory, Enslaved, Amon Amarth, Wintersun, Finntroll, Turisas, Tyr, more; 2008 Nuclear Blast USA, light disc wear, dust spots) $6.99
V/A  PEACEVILLE Volume 4 (16 tracks by Pentagram, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Autopsy, Darkthrone, Paradise Lost, Baphomet, Impaler, Vital Remains, At the Gates, more; 1992 Peaceville Caroline USA) $6.99
V/A  PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS LABEL COMPILATION – EERIE EMOTIONAL MUSIC (10 racks, inc. Blazing Eternity, Elend, Ewigheim, Empyrium, more; 2004 Prophecy, very light disc wear) $2.99
V/A  SEPULCHRAL PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS – WAGING THE WAR (17 tracks by Horna, Ragnarok, Lord Belial, Thy Primordial, tons more; Sepulchral Productions) $4.99
V/A  TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE Volume 2 (24 tracks by Krigshot, MK Ultra, Shocks Terror, Uncurbed, Scalplock, Ruido, more; 2000 Sound Pollution USA) $4.99
V/A  UNCORRUPTED STEEL 1 Metal Blade Presents (18 tracks by Bolt Thrower, Crown, Ancient, Cannibal Corpse, Falconer, Vader, more; 2002 Metal Blade USA) $2.99
V/A  UNCORRUPTED STEEL 2 Metal Blade Presents (17 tracks by Six Feet Under, Amon Amarth, God Dethroned, Cannibal Corpse, Brainstorm, Vader, more; 2003 Metal Blade USA) $2.99
V/A  UNITED STATES OF GOREGRIND (19 tracks by 4 bands: Negligent Collateral Collapse, Corporal Raid, Screaming Afterbirth, Devourment; Coyote/Grindethic/Meat 5000/Severed, disc marks/wear) $6.99
V/A  WICKED WORLD - STATEMENTS OF INTENT (w/ Haunted, Gardenian, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Gandalf, Primordial, Dimmu Borgir, more; 16 tracks, 1998 Earache/Wicked World) $6.99
V/A  WORLD DOMINATION (12 tracks by Immortal, Marduk, Impaled Nazarene, Absu, Ancient, Enslaved, more; 1995 Osmose, very light disc wear) $8.99
V/A  WORLD DOMINATION II 2CD (2+ hours of extreme metal from Osmose, including Vital Remains, Marduk, Immortal, Dark Tranquillity, Absu, tons more, including unreleased tracks. 1997 Osmose, couple of very light disc marks) $8.99 .    
V/A  WORLD DOMINATION LIVE 2CD (6 bands, 26 tracks on 2 discs, w/ Demoniac, Swordmaster, Bewitched, Enslaved, Dark Tranquillity, Dellamore; 1998 Osmose) $8.99
V/A  WWIII EPISODE II – MAKE WAR NOT PEACE (16 tracks, inc. Lunar Aurora, Mork Gryning, Allegiance, more; 2002 Mercenary Musik World War III) $2.99

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